Welcome to Mrs Whelan’s English, a site designed to cater to your GCSE and A Level English needs.

So, here we are. The final countdown begins. By now I’m sure you are an absolute bag of nerves and are desperately trying to juggle exams, revision and sleep. The key is to not less stress and anxiety overwhelm you. You still have time so make sure you are using it wisely. Sitting panicking won’t help but spending an hour or two going through notes and checking you understand what the examiners are looking for will. There are a few new resources in the tabs at the top so have a look through and at the very least, make sure you know what the questions will be focusing on.

The very best of luck for your exams, and your future-

Mrs Whelan


GCSE English Literature Unit 1: 18th May (am)

GCSE English Literature Unit 2: 22nd May (am)

GCSE English/English Language Unit 1 exam: 2nd June (am)

AS English Language (spec b): 2nd June (am)

A2 English Language (spec b): 19th June (am)

AS English Literature (spec a): 15th May (am)

A2 English Literature (spec a): 11th June (am)

Your starting point for tips and pointers should always be your own English teacher. They know you better than you think and will always be keen to get you on the right track. Saying that, sometimes it helps to get a fresh point of view and that’s what I’m here for. I’m an English teacher at Caedmon College Whitby, North Yorkshire and I’m also a GCSE examiner for AQA and want to share a little of my understanding with you guys! I’m nice like that.


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