A Level English Literature

AS English Literature:

If you’ve chosen to study English Literature you must have a real love of reading.  My worst nightmare is when students tell me they’re taking English Lit because it ‘fits’ with their option blocks or because they ‘did alright at GCSE’ and don’t know what else to do. There are no two ways about it; if you’re studying English Lit then you need to read. A lot. All the time. Have more books than pants. By a significant percentage.

Anyway, at my current school we teach AQA Spec A but I know that a lot (the majority?) of centres teach Spec B. The courses are fairly different but there ARE some elements which are relevant to both. For both Spec A and Spec B you’re going to need a cracking knowledge of literary terminology. You’ll also need to be able to construct an essay  and, of course, you’ll need to know your texts inside out and all about. Which you will. Because you love reading, right? 😉

Check out the AS Lit page for resources

A2 English Literature:

If you’ve continued on into A2 Lit then you are an English teacher’s dream…probably because somewhere, deep inside, you ARE a mini English teacher waiting to burst out. Go on… your UCAS application is basically BEGGING you to choose ‘English Literature BA Hons’.

Check out the A2 Lit page in this tab for  some spec B resources and, in the coming months, I will add some spec A resources too. There’s also one or two general odds and sods which you may find useful, whatever specification you are studying.


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