English Language Controlled Assessments

In my school, we are with AQA so my comments are most relevant to students studying that particular exam board’s specification.

You will complete FOUR controlled assessments which will count for 40% of your overall grade. So, yes, every piece really does count and the more marks you can bank now, the less pressure you’ll feel when facing the Unit 1 exam. At least that’s the thinking…you’re probably going to feel massively ‘arghhhhh’ about your exam anyway! 😉

Unit 3a is a response to a prose text and, in my school, we use ‘Of Mice and Men’ because we can ALSO use it for the English Literature Unit 1 exam. So, if your school does this too, make sure you keep detailed notes you can use as revision for that exam. This response is marked out of 30.

Unit 3b is TWO pieces from a choice of three (Moving Image, Commissions, and Prompts/Recreations). These pieces are marked for your ability to write well. Punctuation; spelling, organisation, sentence structure and a focus on genre, purpose and form are crucial. Each of your two pieces is marked out of 10 and, together, they share a ‘literacy’ mark out of 10. If you’re as great at Maths as I am, you’ll realise that this unit also has a total of 30 marks.

Unit 3c is the ‘Spoken Language Study’ which is quite a challenging, exciting study into the way you use language (either through speech or via online communications) and public attitudes towards this. This unit has really close links to AS English Language so, for those of you with an eye to your A Levels, keep your notes on this one! This unit is marked out of 20

Below are some resources you may find useful



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