English Literature Controlled Assessments

You’ve just got the one, meaty as a mother, controlled assessment for English Literature and it’s SHAKESPEARE AND THE LITERARY HERITAGE! Sorry, in the absence of a drum roll, I used capitals to convey its weighty scariness!

The challenge with this assessment, is that you need to have studied a whopping 15 poems AS WELL as your Shakespeare text (no small feat given that you’ve also go English Lang assessments, an English Lang exam and TWO lit exams too!) Don’t forget, however, that the exam board don’t expect you to discuss all 15 in your answer; I tell my students to talk about no more than three. If you try to talk about all 15 you’ll spread yourself way too thinly and probably won’t be able to incorporate the detailed, perceptive interpretations that get you the top marks.

In this assessment you’re marked on your ability to: PEE, give interpretations about the writer’s purpose, explore context, use terminology, analyse language structure and form, make links to the poems, evaluate effects and juggle plates. Ok, not the plates part but you do need to be doing a lot. Keep the quotes small, embedded and relevant.

Some of these resources may help so feel free to have a look.

A star example paragaph


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