Controlled Assessments

In my school we use AQA so my comments on controlled assessments are most relevant to students studying this exam board’s specification.

Controlled assessments are a fantastic way of banking marks before your end of year 11 Unit 1 exam. I tell my students, as a general rule, that they should aim to get 10 out of 15 (or more) in order to secure a C. Nothing is ever definite and the exam board may decide to change grade boundaries but 10 out of 15 should keep you safe.  Saying this, the more marks you can get for controlled assessments, the less pressure you’re under during the exam.

You’ll do at least 5 assessments but some schools may get you to do more, in order that your best 5 can be submitted to the exam board.

Unit 3a is the ‘reading’ unit and you’ll do THREE pieces which will test your ‘reading’ skills (AKA being able to PEE; talk about a writer’s purpose, mention context and offer some original interpretations of your own). You will be tested on: poetry (often from the AQA Anthology) prose (we study ‘Of Mice and Men’) and Shakespeare (‘Macbeth’ or ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are the most popular choices).

Below are a couple of resources for the conflict poetry

Conflict Poems PPT

A star notes on Falling Leaves, Charge of the Light Brigade and Bayonet Charge

Unit 3b requires 2 out of a choice of 3 ‘writing’ tasks which are: ‘Moving Image’, ‘Me, Myself and I’ and ‘Prompts and Recreations’. The actual tasks you get vary hugely from school to school but one thing doesn’t; that they are marked for content, organisation and accuracy. THESE are the assessments to watch for spelling, punctuation, grammar, paragraphing and whipping out a few cheeky ‘big’ words.

Below is a PPT which covers the types of ‘skills’ you need to show off!

Unit 3b skills


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