GCSE English/English Language Unit 1 Exam

The Unit 1  ‘your entire future depends on it, no pressure’ exam.

Your Unit 1 Examination counts for 60% of your overall GCSE grade. Which I’m guessing you know, because your teachers have probably been telling you this on an almost hourly basis.  Whilst the idea of terminal exams (it’s the word ‘terminal’, isn’t it?) might seem pretty terrifying, it’s about preparation and making sure you tick all the right boxes. I’m a GCSE examiner myself, so I know that it’s all about technique. Timings; knowing when and where to PEE, making sure you use exam ‘language’ and unpicking the questions are all just as crucial as being able to spell antidisestablishmentarianism. I believe that any student can nail this exam, it’s about working out what your ‘nemesis’ question is. In my experience the ‘language’ question is the one to send terror coursing through the veins of my year 11s but it’s different for everyone. Know your enemy and face it!

Final Summary of the Higher Paper:

Unit 1 English Exam (Higher) Summary

Below are two revision guides you might find helpful:

Mrs Whelan Foundation revision booklet

Mrs Whelan Higher revision booklet

Why not try viewing my exam tutorials on YouTube? I’ve made mini-tutorials for each question (higher and foundation).

Find me at Mrs Whelan’s English: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0jbf4wI1GPts6hpbKZ-7Bw

The best way you can prepare for the Unit 1 Examination is by doing lots and lots and lots (are you bored yet?!) of past papers. Here are a few and I’ve also given you a sneaky peek at some example answers… so you know exactly what a C/B/A/A* answer should look like.

june 2012 h paper

june 2012 h insert

june 2012 f paper

june 2012 f insert

Examples from Foundation Paper June 2012

Examples from Higher Paper June 2012

If you want the full back catalogue of past papers, get them directly from AQA: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english/gcse/english-language-4705/past-papers-and-mark-schemes




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