GCSE Homework

I know, I know… it’s the thing that all students hate and I’ve heard every argument in the book, BUT there is no substitute for going away and practising something until you get really, really, REALLY good at it.

Many of you want to learn to drive. I’m guessing that none of you think you can have one lesson and then rock up to your test before passing with flying colours? Just like tricky clutch control and turns in the road, preparing for exams is about practising until you can confidently and competently do something. Really well.

Sometimes students will say “so and so is just really good at English” as though someone has waved a magic wand and made that individual an overnight genius. The reality though, is that ‘so and so’ probably works really hard to achieve his or her success. With English, like life, there are no quick fix, easy solutions but bear in mind the old saying “things that come easy are rarely worth having”.

Here are some tasks that may help you to help yourselves:

Language Question Homework

Developing PEE – the language question

English Literature Unit 1 exam: Of Mice and Men

English Literature Unit 1: Lord of the Flies questions


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